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Thank you for your interest in joining our mighty group of Team Tracy Volunteers. Because of your commitment we continue to build the biggest mobilization of grassroots energy this NY-23 District has ever seen! With your help, we will raise every dollar needed, knock on every door, call every voter, and reply to every tweet. And we'll do it together until Tracy crosses the finish line and takes her seat as our representative in Washington!

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More information about volunteer opportunities:

  • Communications
    • How you can help: research; general writing and editing; developing Op-Eds; social media responses and tracking; preparing invitations for outreach events; graphic design; website maintenance, offering tech support for online events, etc.
  • General Campaign Operations
    • How you can help: general research/policy tracking; ad hoc assignments to support overall campaign operations; maintaining a list of district-wide events to enhance campaign presence, etc.
  • Field Operations
    • How you can help: phone banking; organizing outreach materials and distributing where needed; distributing door hangars and yard signs; GOTV/registering voters activities; tabling for campaign events, etc.
  • Fundraising
    • How you can help: making fundraising phone calls; hosting or organizing House Parties; planning, coordinating, and onsite assistance with campaign-sponsored fundraising events; offering tech support for online events, etc.

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